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Podcast: The Longest Constitution with Priya Mirza

About our feature image

The collage is made of images selected from the Chau Chak Wing Museum’s Macleay Collection, Ni…

Digital Seminar Series

The Modern Monarchies in Global Perspectives Research Hub will be hosting a series of online seminar…

Lantern Slide Portraits of King, Queen, Prince and Princess of Wales

Dr Cindy McCreery interviewed for “Object Matters” Podcast with Dr Craig Barker discussi…

Significance of The Queens Platinum Jubilee

ABC Weekend Breakfast

Platinum Jubilee on BBC Newsday, Singapore

On Monday 7 February – Dr Cindy McCreery was interviewed by Karishma Vaswani on&nbsp…

Platinum Jubilee on ABC Weekend Breakfast

On Sunday 6 February – Dr Cindy McCreery was interviewed by Johanna Nicholson and Fa…

Under Investigation: Operation London Bridge

Wednesday 9 February – Dr Cindy McCreery will appear as a panellist on the Channel 9…


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