About our feature image

The collage is made of images selected from the Chau Chak Wing Museum’s Macleay Collection, Nicholson Collection and University Art Collection. Images were chosen due to their association with themes of monarchy, imperialism, colonialism and decolonisation.  For a detailed description of each image, please see below: King Tāwhiao, Maori King, New Zealand, photograph Henry King, …

Digital Seminar Series

The Modern Monarchies in Global Perspectives Research Hub will be hosting a series of online seminars. Join us as experts tackle key issues in the research of modern monarchies. These FREE Seminars will be hosted online, via Zoom. Our next Seminar will be held on Thursday the 8th of December 2022, at 9:00am GMT (8pm Sydney time/10am Vienna). Our …

Lantern Slide Portraits of King, Queen, Prince and Princess of Wales

Associate Professor Cindy McCreery interviewed for “Object Matters” Podcast with Dr Craig Barker discussing a children’s lantern slide of the first decade of the twentieth century featuring King Edward VII, Queen Alexandria and the Prince of Wales, later to be George V, and his wife Mary. Produced by W. Butcher and Sons.

Platinum Jubilee on BBC Newsday, Singapore

On Monday 7 February – Associate Professor Cindy McCreery was interviewed by Karishma Vaswani on BBC Newsday. to explore how the historic anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was being perceived in former British colonies. (Video courtesy of BBC Singapore)

Platinum Jubilee on ABC Weekend Breakfast

On Sunday 6 February – Associate Professor Cindy McCreery was interviewed by Johanna Nicholson and Fauziah Ibrahim on ABC’s Weekend Breakfast. They discussed the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, how the monarchy interacts with the media, and what the future may hold for the monarchy in a post-Queen Elizabeth II era. (Video courtesy of ABC Australia)

Under Investigation: Operation London Bridge

Wednesday 9 February – Associate Professor Cindy McCreery will appear as a panellist on the Channel 9 program “Under Investigation”. The panel discuss Operation London Bridge – the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death and the crowning of King Charles III. Will the monarchy survive Queen Elizabeth II? Would her death prompt Australia …


Dr Cindy McCreery
Department of History, A18 Brennan MacCallum Building, University of Sydney