Dr Brandy Jolliff Scott

Email address: b.jolliffscott@tcu.edu

Institutional Affiliation:

Texas Christian University

Brief Bio:

Brandy Jolliff Scott is an Instructor in the Department of Political Science at Texas Christian University. Her research and teaching interests are in the fields of international relations and comparative politics with an emphasis on British and European politics, modern constitutional monarchy, and the politics of international cooperation and trade. She is currently the Managing Editor of International Studies Perspectives.

Current research projects on modern monarchy:

I am currently working on a research project examining the patterns and soft power influences of modern constitutional monarchs in state and high-level diplomatic visits. I am also in the early stages of a comparative study of the domestic political influences of and attitudes towards constitutional monarchs in European democracies. I also have a working paper examining the connection between modern queenship and women’s political representation in national parliaments in the European context.

Forthcoming, current or recent research publications on modern monarchy:

Sarah Betts, Valerie Schutte, Brandy Jolliff Scott, Jessica Storoschuk, Aidan Jones, and Carolyn Harris. “Studying Prince Philip: His Life and Legacies in Context.” Royal Studies Journal. 9(2): 5-40. DOI: http://doi.org/10.21039/rsj.372





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