Dr Eleanor Cowan



Institutional Affiliation:

The University of Sydney


I am an historian of the Roman Republic and the Early (Roman) Imperial period. I have a particular research focus on communities in conflict, conflict and post-conflict constitutional change and in constructions and reconstructions of imperial power. I make regular use of texts, epigraphic and numismatic evidence as well as material culture in my research.

Current research projects on modern monarchy:

I am currently completing a monograph on Julio-Claudian Succession and the “invention” of the emperor Augustus by his successors (Routledge). I am also joint-lead on the project “Making Sense of Monarchy” which examines responses to the rise of the Principate from the perspective of a wide range of ancient authors.

Forthcoming, current or recent research publications on modern monarchy:

Cowan, E. (submitted) “Emperors as Fathers and Sons”. In Davenport, C. and Malik, S. Representing Roman Emperors.

Cowan, E. 2019. “Hopes and aspirations: res publica, leges et iura, and alternatives at Rome”. In K. Morrell, J. Osgood and K. Welch (Eds.), The Alternative Augustan Age, (pp. 27-45). Oxford: Oxford.

Cowan, E. 2019. Velleius Paterculus. How to Write (Civil War) History. In C. Lange and F. Vervaet (Eds.), The Historiography of Late Republican Civil War, (pp. 239-262). Leiden: Brill.

Cowan, E. 2016. ‘Contesting Clementia. The rhetoric of severitas in Tiberian Rome before and after the trial of Clutorius Priscus’, JRS (Journal of Roman Studies) 106, 77-101.


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