Dr Donna Maree Brunero, BA(Hons), PhD

Email address: dbrunero@nus.edu.sg

Institutional Affiliation: Senior Lecturer, Department of History, National University of Singapore


Donna Brunero is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History at the National University of Singapore. Her research and teaching interests include maritime history and the British empire in Asia and the intersections between these two areas (such as colonial port cities and transational lives). Her most recent works include edited volumes: Empire in Asia: A New Global History, Vol 2 The Long Nineteenth Century (Bloomsbury Academic,  2018) co-edited with Brian P. Farrell, and Life in Treaty Port China and Japan ( Palgrave, 2018) co-edited with Stephanie Villalta Puig.

Current research projects on modern monarchy:

Current research interests include depictions of the British monarchy in colonial Singapore and life in the English East India company in Asia (including dealing with local elites).

Forthcoming, current or recent research publications on modern monarchy:

Book Chapter: “Boy Emperors to Business Opportunities: Glimpses of the Meiji Restoration from the China Coast Press, c.1868–1870”  in T. Amos and Akiko Ishii (eds) Revisiting Japan’s Restoration (Routledge: forthcoming 2021)

Recent publications:

Brunero D. “Stamford Raffles and James Brooke: Colonial Legacies and (post)colonial tourism?,” in Anthony Webster and Nicholas J. White (eds) Singapore- Two Hundred Years of the Lion City (Routledge, 2020)

Brunero, D. Visiting the ‘Liverpool of the East’: Singapore’s place in tours of Empire. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, (2019) 50(4), 562-578. doi:10.1017/S0022463420000065


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