Dr Lorenz Gonschor, PhD

Email address:  gonschor@hawaii.edu

Institutional Affiliation:  University of French Polynesia, Punaauia, Tahiti.


Lorenz Gonschor was born in Germany, where he studied anthropology, history, and political science at the university of Tübingen. He obtained his MA in Pacific Islands Studies at the University of Hawai‘i in 2008, and a PhD in political science at the same institution in 2016. From 2017 to 2019 he taught at ‘Atenisi University in Tonga, and since 2020 at the University of French Polynesia in Tahiti. His first book, A Power in the World: The Hawaiian Kingdom in Oceania, was published by University of Hawaii Press in 2019. His research interests focus on historical and contemporary governance and politics of Oceania.

Current research projects on modern monarchy:

Book manuscript including a biography and commented transcription of writings by Hawaiian Kingdom diplomat Henry French Poor (1856-1899), working Title ‘A Hawaiian’s Impression in Foreign Lands:’ The Life and Travel Writings of Hawaiian Diplomat Henry French Poor (1856-1899)

Article manuscript (in French) about an alleged meeting of Polynesian monarchs at a royal meeting ground on the island of Maupiti in present-day French Polynesia in the 1820s, working title «Une affiliation pan-polynésienne du Marae Vaiahu de Maupiti ? Des indications ambivalentes et contradictoires».

Article manuscript (in French) including a translation and commentary of the journal of Tute Tehuiarii (1781-1858), Tahitian chaplain at the court of Hawaiian Kings Kamehameha III and IV, working title «Fragments d’une biographie hawaïo-tahitienne : Le journal du Révérend Tute Tehuirarii, aumônier des rois Kamehameha III et IV».

Article manuscript (in French) including a translation and commentary of the 1852 Mangarevan-language History of the Ancient Kings of Mangareva by Matia Puputauki, which is the first book published by an indigenous Pacific Islander, working title «Ecrire l’histoire nationale d’un royaume autochtone sous influence missionnaire : Te Mau Atoga Magareva Akataito de Matia Puputauki (1852), premier livre publié par un Océanien».

Forthcoming, current or recent research publications on modern monarchy:

Gonschor, L., “State-building and survival in the global periphery: The Kingdom of Tonga.” In Houchang Chehabi and David Motadel (eds.), Struggles for Sovereignty: Non-European Powers in the Age of Empire, (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Gonschor, L., “Nineteenth Century Political Developments in the Islands.” In Paul D’Arcy, Anne Hattori, Ryan Jones, Matt Matsuda and Jane Samson (eds.), The Cambridge History of the Pacific Ocean, (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

Gonschor, L., “The Subtleties of a Map and a Painting.” Hawaiian Journal of Law and Politics, vol. 3 (2021):141-191.

Gonschor, L., ““Ne Tentes aut Perfice:” Early Hawaiian diplomacy in the Southwestern Pacific and the creation of Hawai’i’s First Royal Order.” The Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 54 (2020): 55-100.

Gonschor, L., Manuscript XXXIV: ‘The feelings of friendship which We have always entertained:’ Fragments of Tongan-Hawaiian relations, 1880-1888. The Journal of Pacific History, vol. 55, No. 1 (February 2020): 97-114.

Gonschor, L., A Power in the World: The Hawaiian Kingdom in Oceania. (Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press 2019).

Gonschor, L., Hawaiian Royal Orders and International Diplomacy. In Healoha Johnston (ed.), Ho‘oulu Hawai‘i: The King Kalākaua Era, (Honolulu: Honolulu Museum of Art 2018), pp. 55-69.

Gonschor, L., „Wir sind die, die wir waren:“ Vom „Reich Kamehamehas“ zum besetzten Staat. [“We are who we were: From ‘Kamehameha’s Empire’ to an occupied state”]. In Ulrich Menter, Inés de Castro and Stephanie Walda-Mandel (eds.), Hawai‘i: Königliche Inseln im Pazifik [“Hawai‘i: Royal Islands in the Pacific”], (Dresden: Sandstein Verlag 2017), pp. 20-31.

Gonschor, L., Besetztes Königreich: Eine Übersicht über die politische Geschichte Hawai‘is. [“Occupied Kingdom: An Overview of the Political History of Hawai‘i”]. In Alexis von Poser and Bianca Baumann (eds.), Heikles Erbe: Koloniale Spuren bis in die Gegenwart [“A Precarious Heritage: Colonial Evidence up to the Present”], (Dresden: Sandstein Verlag 2016), pp. 312-329.

Gonschor, L., & Bousquet, L., Al Servizio di Sua Maestà per cinque giorni: la rocambolesca e breve carriera di Celso Cesare Moreno [“In His Majesty’s Service for Five Days: The Incredible and Short Career of Celso Cesare Moreno.”]. Translated into Italian by Incoronata Inserra. In Maro Cuzzi and Guido Carlo Pigliasco (eds.), Storie straordinarie di italiani nel Pacifico [“Amazing stories of Italians in the Pacific”], (Bologna: Odoya 2016), pp. 61-85.




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