Dr. Mu’izz Abdul Khalid, PhD

Email: Muizz.khalid@outlook.com Muizz.khalid@u.nus.edu
Institutional Affiliation: National University of Singapore
Bio: Dr. Mu’izz Abdul Khalid received his PhD in Southeast Asian Studies at the National University Singapore. He was a visiting fellow at the MacMillan Center of Yale University and the Department of Anthropology. He graduated from University College London in MSc Security Studies and the University of Sheffield in BA International Relations and Politics. His area of research includes monarchism, colonialism, state formation, the intersection between Islam and politics, and the region of Southeast Asia. Currently, he is researching on the emergence and survival of absolute monarchies in the contemporary world.

Current research projects on modern monarchy:
Exceptional Rule: The emergence of a dual-state apparatus and absolute rule in a Bornean Malay monarchy (funded by the Brunei government).

Forthcoming, current or recent research publications on modern monarchy:

  • Citizens or Subjects? Paradoxical coexisting ideas of citizenship and subjecthood in contemporary Brunei. (Forthcoming)
  • Royal Absolutism and Urban Development: Colonial origins of urban growth and development in contemporary Bruneian monarchy. (Forthcoming).

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mu-izz-abdul-khalid-64501911a/


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