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University of Coimbra


Enzo Novello is a PhD candidate at the University of Coimbra, specializing in Modern History. His research revolves around queenship and the representations of power within the Brazilian monarchy, as well as the dynastic networks of the House of Braganza. He holds a Master’s degree in Modern History, with a thesis centered on the biographical trajectory of Princess D. Francisca of Braganza between the Brazilian Empire and the July Monarchy.

Current research projects on modern monarchy:

Enzo’s current research project is his PhD entitled “D. Francisca de Bragança and the role of a nineteenth-century princess between two worlds (1824-1898)”, which is self-funded.

Forthcoming, current or recent research publications on modern monarchy:

Tesouro da América ou Princesa Selvagem? A ambiguidade de D. Francisca de Bragança na nacionalização da Monarquia de Julho (1843-1848). In I. C. da Silva, M. Barral, & M. Seixas (Eds.), Desafios de soberania nas monarquias oitocentistas do sul da Europa (Portugal, Espanha e Itália). Lisboa: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais (in press).

Francisca de Bragança, Princesa de Joinville (1824-1898). In M. F. Argon, B. A. Cerqueira, & M. Machado (Eds.), Mulheres e poder: a face feminina do Estado no Brasil oitocentista. Brasília: Senado Federal (in press).

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